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Lou Sprecher

Lou Sprecher

Managing Director

Since 2016 I have worked with over 150 clients as a business coach and consultant assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses owners realize their dreams.

Prior to becoming a consultant, I had over 40 years of experience in corporate America in designing and executing business plans, achieving profitability goals, innovation, marketing products, sales management, Lean manufacturing, and launching new products.

Holly Rivers

Holly Rivers

I purchased a business and learned what I could “on the fly” about running it until I finally got my own coach. Thanks to this investment and my willingness to adapt, my business not only survived but thrived in a very competitive climate.
My background in counseling and education shapes my approach to understanding the story of my client and how that story will play out through a working business model, marketing, and in financials.  I’ve worked with over 125 entrepreneurs in the pre-startup through the early growth phase of their businesses and I absolutely love it!   

Dr. Sam Berne

Sam Berne

I have experience in the health and wellness space and developed a successful service- and product-based e-commerce company driven by my social media expertise using organic posts and advertising. I can help you with branding, podcasting, writing, publishing, distributing print, audio, e-books, membership programs, and product liability. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.



Val Romero

Val Romero

Since 1998 I have been providing small businesses with access to affordable legal services. These services provide peace of mind and position of strength gained when you have your own law firm and team of attorneys at your back to solve challenges and issues and assist in you making better decisions.

I have also been called the “Queen of Networking” producing and hosting business luncheons since 2001, to keep solopreneurs and small business owners connected to network, collaborate, build relationships, and learn while maximizing their visibility.

Claire Shuford of Ignite Biz Advisors

Claire Shuford

I have been a Small Business Owner for 45 years. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my work. The last eight years I have helped many small business owners with their digital presence on the web with beautiful WordPress Websites and Social Media Management.


I am a Certified Coach, Speaker and Teacher with The John Maxwell Team and Empowerment Mentoring. My favorite thing in all the world is to teach on Emotional Intelligence see people grow with the knowledge and perfection that is all ready within them.

Eli Fresquez of Ignite Biz Advisors

Eli Fresquez

I am a certified Accessibility Professional specializing in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance for your website, mobile app, or any other accessibility needs you have. I have worked in the field for over 15 years, including as counsel for the New York City Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities.


If you want your business website to be the best, it needs to be accessible to everyone. I can work with you to expand your customer base and assess your business’s ADA compliance as litigation against businesses continues to increase.  


Sweta Patel

I have advised more than 200 high-growth startups in Silicon Valley, am a Best-Selling Author, and the founder of Global Marketing Tactics, your #1 source for real-world marketing and training.


My passion is to teach startup founders and business owners how they can leverage different marketing techniques, strategies, and tactics to meet their marketing goals and initiatives.


I am a strategist in the marketing industry with a focus on people-centricity.

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Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker

I have advised individuals, businesses, and nonprofits for over 20 years in my financial services career. In 2018, I incorporated Baker & Associates, a registered investment advisory firm where we coach, mentor, educate, and consult to assure better financial decision making, resulting in overall better business and personal financial management.

Prior to my financial career, I worked in product development, marketing, and strategic planning for major firms in technology, consumer goods and service sectors.

Ed Hazlett of Ignite Biz Advisors

Ed Hazlett

Ed is a retired USAF Fighter Pilot with extensive computer sys-admin experience. He built his first website in 2006 for the non-profit residential children's residential facility where he & his wife served for 10 years.  After building several sites for professionals in southern New Mexico  Ed incorporated in 2010. 


Ed attended formal web design training and now has built over 700 websites to include restaurants, lawyers, doctors, counselors, life coaches, repairmen, electricians, fitness trainers, civic organizations, & businesses of all types. Ed has achieved the highest Level, "LEGEND", with a global web design company.

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