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Business Name ~ Solving for X, Y and Z

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Whether you’re planning on branding your product or service, or not, your business name should be selected based on the following criteria. This is even more important if sales will come from the Internet.

Ignite Biz Advisors Business Name BLOG
Ignite Biz Advisors will help you determine the best Business Name


X = Relates to the product or service you market and sell, and

Y = If the business entity will be an LLC, S-Corp, etc., is the name available from your Secretary of State, or if a Sole Proprietor doing business as (dba) with name approved by your County Clerk, and

Z = Is the name available for your website.

O = Optional, e-mail address.

Example 1:

X = Flowers

Y = Betty’s Flowers Boutique, LLC

Z =

O =

Obtaining all three and an e-mail address will/may be by trail & error. Visit:

Example 2:

X = Flowers

Y = Betty’s Flowers Boutique, LLC

Z = Website is taken by someone in Texas.

You now need to find a new Y and then check again for Z.

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